Saturday, 29 December 2012

Poem - Untitled

I could not think of a suitable name for the poem, if you can think of any, please do comment. 
here it is :-

Dark and Dingy, stone cold lane,
under the black night sky,
post rain peace, Lara walked alone.
Late hours like these,
the city reeked of death and remorse,
scared she was,
this path reminded her of a past ,one did not wish to recall.
She clearly remembered,
the fear in her sister's eyes,
the uncovered pale body on the chilly night street,
the filthy comments of the people long known,
who cared less of pain and more about the shame.
She could never forget,
the pitiless creatures, who took away the soul of a young beautiful maiden.
She still felt the loss of her own,

 years ago who left her, on these very streets.
Tonight, in vain, she walked on the same path,
Unarmed, vulnerable and alone.



  1. Lovely poem and nicely expressed thoughts.

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  3. nice lines..... braveheart is d best title for the poem..

  4. Very nice lines dear Anisha

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