Saturday, 29 December 2012

Poem - Untitled

I could not think of a suitable name for the poem, if you can think of any, please do comment. 
here it is :-

Dark and Dingy, stone cold lane,
under the black night sky,
post rain peace, Lara walked alone.
Late hours like these,
the city reeked of death and remorse,
scared she was,
this path reminded her of a past ,one did not wish to recall.
She clearly remembered,
the fear in her sister's eyes,
the uncovered pale body on the chilly night street,
the filthy comments of the people long known,
who cared less of pain and more about the shame.
She could never forget,
the pitiless creatures, who took away the soul of a young beautiful maiden.
She still felt the loss of her own,

 years ago who left her, on these very streets.
Tonight, in vain, she walked on the same path,
Unarmed, vulnerable and alone.


Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Irony Of A Town !

I see, I notice, the world around,
the glittering blue sea, along the beautiful town.

The smile of a child on first day of school,
the tears of a young working lad.
The delightful smell of the monsoon spells,
the deathly despair of the chilly white time.
I see, I notice, the irony of a town,
beautiful and happy, but sad when you turn around.

The crimson sky, at the birth of the yellow sun,
the ghostly black nights, without a star up high to burn.
The bustling streets, the clinking of glasses,
the melancholy park, the now dead cigar.
I see, I notice, the irony of a town,
beautiful and happy, but sad when you turn around.

The exquisite wine and cheese, the full grown silver fern trees,
the starving beggar on the street, the dying garden filled with weed.
The tiers of the cake, the wedding song,
the hardships of the wife, whose man saved his land but now is gone.
I see, I notice, the irony of a town,
beautiful and happy, but sad when you turn around.

We win, we gain, a blithesome world around,
but open our hearts and feel the pain surround.
I see, I notice, the irony of a town,
beautiful and happy, but sad when you turn around.

- Anisha

Sunday, 16 September 2012


"A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them."
Mother - a word that makes everything in this world seem less important. Mother - that one person who we know will be there for us even if the whole world decides to look the other way. Mother- that lady whose life revolves around her children. Mother - yes that is what my post is about today.
 I usually tend to write about a topic,to which at the end I have a question and one is allowed to have his or her opinion about it, but today there is going to be no question because the answer for all is the same, that 'mother' is the greatest human being that has ever existed.
 My daddy tells me that the reason we need god is that during tough times our belief in him will give us strength, our faith in him will give us the power to cross the most turbulent storms. It is a beautiful idea, but for me that god is my mother. Calling someone your god is a very strong thing to say, but I believe that the only person who fulfills that duty is a mother and no one else. For her you are the world even before you open your eyes in this world.Her desires, goals and ambitions all become secondary and your desires,goals and ambitions take the most important place in her life. She devotes herself to you and only you. She gives you a tight hug, consoles you and cooks your favorite meal when you are sad. All she works for is to make sure that her child is always happy,a single tear in their eyes hurts her. If this is not who you call an angel then I think my definitions are messed up, because to me she is god, she is an angel, she is the most valuable creature known to man kind.
I have written enough about 'a mother', now i'll write about what I see happening around us, what has gone wrong.Almost every Tom, Dick and Harry can write about how special a mother is, but do they treat her the way she should be treated? No, they don't. Now let me make it very clear, I am not saying that everyone treats their mother poorly, no, absolutely not. I know most of us treat our mothers like a gem, but then there are few who have forgotten how special she is, how unique her love is, how important she is to them and that without her they would not even exist.It hurts me to see old ladies in old age homes, sitting lonely and upset because that child she gave up all her life for does not want her anymore.I find it difficult to understand, how can one do that? It is something I would not consider even in my wildest dreams.For me shifting to a university hostel away from my mother , was the most difficult thing I ever experienced, the whole idea  of sending her off to some old age home is just heart sickening , it's close to impossible.
I am not sitting here telling you what to do and what not to,all I mean to say is that a 'mother' is the best thing that can ever happen to you, and that one should realize her importance,because one day when you lie on your death bed and look back on life you should be proud of what an amazing child you were to your mother and not hate yourself for not treating her the right way. 

Friday, 29 June 2012

Relationships = Obsession ?

When I walk out of my hostel room, every second person I meet is in a relationship,  9 out of 10 won't even last for as long as a semester and most of them know that. Then why does everyone have this urge to be with someone? Why does everyone believe that their perfect world can only exist if a special someone is beside them? And moreover, exactly how special is that someone? Or is this just a trend? Something that is cool, that if you are not a part of it, you are an outsider ? I am not a conservative, narrow minded being, I support people being in a relationship just as much as anyone else would. But everyone has questions, and so do I.

Once upon a time when 2 people loved each other, they got into a relationship, they dreamed marriage, they believed in 'till death do us part'. But today, the trend is different, and I am not pointing on specific people, the trend is different for all of us. In today's world, 2 people like each other, hit it off well , have a connection, get into a relationship and then what? Unlike, 'once upon a time', in the modern world, people have a career to establish, a life to make for themselves before they can even think marriage.So if I get into a relationship with someone in college, what is the probability that we will be together for the next 6-7 years before I am ready for the 'ultimate commitment'? I am guessing, the probability is extremely low!

Then why is it that all of us are so keen to be in a relationship? My answer would be, 'It is an obsession.' Every girl dreams of that one guy who makes her feel special, every guy wants to be with that girl with whom, he can share his darkest, deepest secrets and with whom he can be himself without creating a facade. And this quest for the 'Perfect Fantasy' is what leads to this obsession. Every time we hit it off with a person, we think,'Maybe he is the one', and with the hopes that we are right, we get together.And now it's a game of luck, a few lucky ones win and find 'the one' , whereas most hope for the best next time and this way the string of relationships goes on and on till the day we find our special someone.

But why is it that we want to commit so bad? When we live with our parents, we crib that we do not get freedom, we want to fly, to be free, to be our own people. But then we come to universities, this is the only time away from our families when we have all the freedom in the world, we are independent,we have no responsibilities, and we decide to get committed , ironic isn't it? All the time you wanted to be independent and now when you have a slight shot at it, you decide to bond yourself with a certain someone, you become interdependent , you become answerable to them. Goodbye to freedom?  

So what I understand is, the search for love will go on, and people will get into and out of relationships. So what is the prefect time to get into a relationship? In university, when you have a less than 50% shot at having a future with the person? Or after that, with a high probability rate?

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Outer or Inner Beauty?

"Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart "  Is it really true? 

Everyone always says, that your looks don't matter, what actually matters is what you are on the inside. I agree to a limit that having a good heart is extremely important , but I could not disagree more that your looks do not make a difference. If inner beauty is all that matters, why does every girl thrive to look perfect from the outside? and why does every guy want a Victoria's Secret model as their girlfriend and not Mother Teresa? 
Some say, 'the reason we dress up ,apply make up, and so on is to look presentable. ' Presentable ? Is that really the apt word out here? I would say the apt sentence would be, ' we dress up, apply make up, and so on to impress'. Impress who? Impress ourselves and the society , and especially the opposite gender, because, fact - no one will care how brilliant a person I am when they look at me for the first time, they will care more about how good I look. Every young girl's dream is to be a princess, of course, princess' have a heart of gold but that is not what tempts them, what tempts them is that the princess is the 'fairest of all' and the she gets the 'handsome prince'. So how much ever we try to fool ourselves by saying that these fairy tales teach the kids to be good and helpful people, the truth is since childhood we are being taught that the good looking one gets it all. 

Let's forget about fairy tales and think of a more real life situation, being a college student, I see students from every nook and corner , and some of them definitely make it to the good looking category, but not all of these good looking ones make it to the friendly , amicable category , most of them get stuck at the conceited one. And I would not want to date a person or even be friends with one who is not good at heart. But then again, only the good looking ones catch my eye, and if not all, a few of them might just be really nice, and so they are the ones who will get my attention . But what about the ones who did not make it to the good looking category but are amazing people? They will have to work harder to get my attention. So as it is seen the pretty ones always get the advantage. 
We live in an unfair world, how much ever we teach others and convince ourselves that there is no difference between the rich and the poor, or the pretty and the not so gifted, we are just fooling ourselves. I do not wish to say that one should differentiate, but one should not live in the delusion that others don't. I believe we should know where we stand in these differences and work accordingly to get to the top, because however unfair it may be, some people do have an advantage over the others. 
But as I always say, these are the views of one person, and everyone has a mind of their own, so what is your view? Inner beauty or Outer Beauty, which plays a more prominent role in our life?

Sunday, 22 April 2012


"Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated."

People often say that the word 'love' is thrown around very easily,everything we like is not everything we love.Love is a strong word and should not be used in every nook and corner of our life.But what about hate? From the moment we walk out of our houses in the morning, till the moment we enter back, we hear this word being thrown around maybe more often than 'love' , may it be a kid or an old lady, EVERYONE HATES
I remember, when I was a kid, my mother always told me "Hate is an extremely strong word, it can mess with people's emotions, everything we dislike is not everything we hate", and till date I follow her teachings, because I believe that, if I hate people who have never caused me any harm, if I hate people for silly or no reasons at all then I should expect others to hate me too, and I don't seek hatred, I prefer love. 
It is said "Treat people the way you want to be treated". We all want respect, we want to be loved, we want people to care for us. But how can we expect all this from someone if we ourselves don't provide them with it? How can I expect love from a person I hate? There are times in life when someone does something really bad to us, something that cannot be forgotten, something that hurt us real bad. This can lead to us hating the person, but that person deserves it, he deserves our hatred. But me hating someone because they looked at me in a weird way, or made a snobby comment on my shoes or just because I have heard things about them, is foolish, not just foolish, it's downright immature.
 A person who tends to hate a lot of people for nonsensical reasons, should stand in front of the mirror and introspect himself, maybe there is something wrong with him, maybe it is because of his flaws that to him the others look so bad, maybe if he made some changes in himself, he would like more people than hating them, the world will be a much better place for him. 
I agree it's way more fun finding the bad in people than the good and hating them for that.But who are we to judge someone or hate someone,we ourselves are filled with flaws. So instead, for once we should try overlooking ones flaws and should try liking them for the good in them. 
But this is the opinion of one person in a world consisting of billions. What is your opinion? Is hate a word one should throw around so often or no? 

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Two Faced Monsters!

'She who is a friend on your face, might not have your best interest in mind , and might just be your worst enemy.'

 Human Beings are cunning creatures, we have mastered the ability to use and throw, whether it is disposable cups and plates or people, we know how to put them to use when we need them and crumble and throw them in a garbage can when we don't. But there is one thing that stops all humans from using this ability they are gifted with, and this is called 'humanity'. We can use and throw, but we feel and understand the pain it causes the one being used, and so we stop ourselves from being such heartless monsters. But there are exceptions everywhere, there are a few heartless, two faced monsters that dwell on this earth. They are the people one should beware of. As they are the ones who can get you into deep deep shit.
How does one distinguish between the normal people and these two faced maniacs? Here are a  few pointers that might help:
- They look just like any other person on the road, they do not come with horns.
- They are usually overly nice.
- Most of them are extroverts, they LOVE LOVE LOVE to talk.
- They are manipulative bastards.
- They will go till any extent to save their behinds.
- They usually act like Mr.Know It All.
- You will always have this one friend who has serious issues with this person and will warn you to stay away from them.
- Lastly, every now and then you will catch them telling lies, and you will think it's normal until those lies start messing up your life.
You come across these people at every corner of your life ,and every time you meet them you are amazed that people like this also exist on the same earth on which you do. No one says we all are saints. There is not one soul alive who has never talked about someone behind their backs or never acted nice to people they dislike. But the difference is, all this once in a while is human, all the time is unacceptable. 
These are the people who make it difficult for others to trust the world. They show us that there do exist people, who you think are your good friends, will keep your secrets but in reality are putting up your secrets in charts all over the town.
The worst time of all is when you confront them. It's like talking to a wall, it's of no use at all. You try talking to them and try making them accept their mistake but instead you just come across another bundle of lies. This is when you think,' ENOUGH ' , you realize that there is absolutely no reason wasting your time trying to confront these bags of dog poop, instead it is better to ignore them and keep your distance from these kind of people in the future.