Sunday, 16 September 2012


"A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them."
Mother - a word that makes everything in this world seem less important. Mother - that one person who we know will be there for us even if the whole world decides to look the other way. Mother- that lady whose life revolves around her children. Mother - yes that is what my post is about today.
 I usually tend to write about a topic,to which at the end I have a question and one is allowed to have his or her opinion about it, but today there is going to be no question because the answer for all is the same, that 'mother' is the greatest human being that has ever existed.
 My daddy tells me that the reason we need god is that during tough times our belief in him will give us strength, our faith in him will give us the power to cross the most turbulent storms. It is a beautiful idea, but for me that god is my mother. Calling someone your god is a very strong thing to say, but I believe that the only person who fulfills that duty is a mother and no one else. For her you are the world even before you open your eyes in this world.Her desires, goals and ambitions all become secondary and your desires,goals and ambitions take the most important place in her life. She devotes herself to you and only you. She gives you a tight hug, consoles you and cooks your favorite meal when you are sad. All she works for is to make sure that her child is always happy,a single tear in their eyes hurts her. If this is not who you call an angel then I think my definitions are messed up, because to me she is god, she is an angel, she is the most valuable creature known to man kind.
I have written enough about 'a mother', now i'll write about what I see happening around us, what has gone wrong.Almost every Tom, Dick and Harry can write about how special a mother is, but do they treat her the way she should be treated? No, they don't. Now let me make it very clear, I am not saying that everyone treats their mother poorly, no, absolutely not. I know most of us treat our mothers like a gem, but then there are few who have forgotten how special she is, how unique her love is, how important she is to them and that without her they would not even exist.It hurts me to see old ladies in old age homes, sitting lonely and upset because that child she gave up all her life for does not want her anymore.I find it difficult to understand, how can one do that? It is something I would not consider even in my wildest dreams.For me shifting to a university hostel away from my mother , was the most difficult thing I ever experienced, the whole idea  of sending her off to some old age home is just heart sickening , it's close to impossible.
I am not sitting here telling you what to do and what not to,all I mean to say is that a 'mother' is the best thing that can ever happen to you, and that one should realize her importance,because one day when you lie on your death bed and look back on life you should be proud of what an amazing child you were to your mother and not hate yourself for not treating her the right way. 


  1. very well written... the opening. sentences of your thoughts didnt seem v nice when you mentioned God is required when facing stroms. and then u compared Him wid Mother. so b it God or mother remember them in good times as well..otherwise everything else is appreciable.

    P.S. *God

  2. You made me so proud and emotional......Love you sooooooooooo much .......... God Bless You........

    Very well thought and written.....Keep it up!!!!!!! Mom....

  3. well written...your casual,talking-to-the-reader style is good..but i feel its better to drop phrases likes 'I'm not sitting here telling you what to do or what not to do'. Cuz for topics like these, no one will object to your views anyway.

  4. thank you for the suggestion will keep it in mind :)

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