Friday, 29 June 2012

Relationships = Obsession ?

When I walk out of my hostel room, every second person I meet is in a relationship,  9 out of 10 won't even last for as long as a semester and most of them know that. Then why does everyone have this urge to be with someone? Why does everyone believe that their perfect world can only exist if a special someone is beside them? And moreover, exactly how special is that someone? Or is this just a trend? Something that is cool, that if you are not a part of it, you are an outsider ? I am not a conservative, narrow minded being, I support people being in a relationship just as much as anyone else would. But everyone has questions, and so do I.

Once upon a time when 2 people loved each other, they got into a relationship, they dreamed marriage, they believed in 'till death do us part'. But today, the trend is different, and I am not pointing on specific people, the trend is different for all of us. In today's world, 2 people like each other, hit it off well , have a connection, get into a relationship and then what? Unlike, 'once upon a time', in the modern world, people have a career to establish, a life to make for themselves before they can even think marriage.So if I get into a relationship with someone in college, what is the probability that we will be together for the next 6-7 years before I am ready for the 'ultimate commitment'? I am guessing, the probability is extremely low!

Then why is it that all of us are so keen to be in a relationship? My answer would be, 'It is an obsession.' Every girl dreams of that one guy who makes her feel special, every guy wants to be with that girl with whom, he can share his darkest, deepest secrets and with whom he can be himself without creating a facade. And this quest for the 'Perfect Fantasy' is what leads to this obsession. Every time we hit it off with a person, we think,'Maybe he is the one', and with the hopes that we are right, we get together.And now it's a game of luck, a few lucky ones win and find 'the one' , whereas most hope for the best next time and this way the string of relationships goes on and on till the day we find our special someone.

But why is it that we want to commit so bad? When we live with our parents, we crib that we do not get freedom, we want to fly, to be free, to be our own people. But then we come to universities, this is the only time away from our families when we have all the freedom in the world, we are independent,we have no responsibilities, and we decide to get committed , ironic isn't it? All the time you wanted to be independent and now when you have a slight shot at it, you decide to bond yourself with a certain someone, you become interdependent , you become answerable to them. Goodbye to freedom?  

So what I understand is, the search for love will go on, and people will get into and out of relationships. So what is the prefect time to get into a relationship? In university, when you have a less than 50% shot at having a future with the person? Or after that, with a high probability rate?

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