Saturday, 7 April 2012

Two Faced Monsters!

'She who is a friend on your face, might not have your best interest in mind , and might just be your worst enemy.'

 Human Beings are cunning creatures, we have mastered the ability to use and throw, whether it is disposable cups and plates or people, we know how to put them to use when we need them and crumble and throw them in a garbage can when we don't. But there is one thing that stops all humans from using this ability they are gifted with, and this is called 'humanity'. We can use and throw, but we feel and understand the pain it causes the one being used, and so we stop ourselves from being such heartless monsters. But there are exceptions everywhere, there are a few heartless, two faced monsters that dwell on this earth. They are the people one should beware of. As they are the ones who can get you into deep deep shit.
How does one distinguish between the normal people and these two faced maniacs? Here are a  few pointers that might help:
- They look just like any other person on the road, they do not come with horns.
- They are usually overly nice.
- Most of them are extroverts, they LOVE LOVE LOVE to talk.
- They are manipulative bastards.
- They will go till any extent to save their behinds.
- They usually act like Mr.Know It All.
- You will always have this one friend who has serious issues with this person and will warn you to stay away from them.
- Lastly, every now and then you will catch them telling lies, and you will think it's normal until those lies start messing up your life.
You come across these people at every corner of your life ,and every time you meet them you are amazed that people like this also exist on the same earth on which you do. No one says we all are saints. There is not one soul alive who has never talked about someone behind their backs or never acted nice to people they dislike. But the difference is, all this once in a while is human, all the time is unacceptable. 
These are the people who make it difficult for others to trust the world. They show us that there do exist people, who you think are your good friends, will keep your secrets but in reality are putting up your secrets in charts all over the town.
The worst time of all is when you confront them. It's like talking to a wall, it's of no use at all. You try talking to them and try making them accept their mistake but instead you just come across another bundle of lies. This is when you think,' ENOUGH ' , you realize that there is absolutely no reason wasting your time trying to confront these bags of dog poop, instead it is better to ignore them and keep your distance from these kind of people in the future.


  1. Good post...felt like you were thinking of a few two faced monsters while writing this :-) made the writing more enjoyable

  2. thank you so much..well haha yes I was thinking of a few two faced monsters :P