Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Ugly Secrets!

“Secrets are generally terrible. Beauty is not hidden--only ugliness and deformity.”
When we were kids, we hid things like breaking a vase, eating the last cookie and losing the ball from our parents and we made up stories to hide the same. Innocent lies, but they led to us learning about the word ' secret'.A word that might later on in our life define us, be a huge part of our being. Merriam- Webster Dictionary defines it as '  something kept from knowledge or view of others ' . I define it as something that is hidden for a simple reason that if it gets out, it could affect a lot of people in many different ways. It could destroy the closest relations , destroy careers and even people. It could turn a prince to a pauper. Secrets are magical , they can change lives in a blink.  But are secrets that necessary?
How difficult is it for us to live our lives with truth? Haven't we all been taught since childhood to be truthful? We defend ourselves by saying,' keeping secrets is not lying, it's just not telling the truth'. Not telling the truth might not be lying but we are still not being truthful, we are not obeying what we were taught. 
I tell I love a person and I expect him to trust me, but then I do something really bad, something if he came to know I did, he would not forgive me. So I decide to keep it a secret. But how can I ever expect him to trust me when I know I am breaking his trust. If I love him, isn't honesty something he deserves? Shouldn't I at least give him the choice to decide whether he wants to forgive me or no and not just make assumptions that he won't and therefore it is the best option to hide things from him?
But then that is one person's view, according to another person - I love him a lot and I really want him to trust me, but I did something really bad, I made a mistake and I feel awful. I know him very well, I know if I tell him, he will never forgive me, he will never trust me ever again, I will lose him. Is that a chance I wish to take?  I know hiding is not the right thing to do, but telling the truth would destroy his trust and destroy our relationship, there will be no gain just sadness and destruction. Let me just skip all that drama and let it be a secret, I shall take this to my grave.
Sometimes some events that take place can put you in an ugly place.In a situation where you are not sure which path is the right one, because maybe there is no right path but you have to take one and face the consequences of your choice. Which path would you take? The path with secrets to protect yourself and others or the one of honesty, which will give you the satisfaction of being the one who said the truth but might just destroy lives. Which out of these is your path?  

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