Saturday, 5 May 2012

Outer or Inner Beauty?

"Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart "  Is it really true? 

Everyone always says, that your looks don't matter, what actually matters is what you are on the inside. I agree to a limit that having a good heart is extremely important , but I could not disagree more that your looks do not make a difference. If inner beauty is all that matters, why does every girl thrive to look perfect from the outside? and why does every guy want a Victoria's Secret model as their girlfriend and not Mother Teresa? 
Some say, 'the reason we dress up ,apply make up, and so on is to look presentable. ' Presentable ? Is that really the apt word out here? I would say the apt sentence would be, ' we dress up, apply make up, and so on to impress'. Impress who? Impress ourselves and the society , and especially the opposite gender, because, fact - no one will care how brilliant a person I am when they look at me for the first time, they will care more about how good I look. Every young girl's dream is to be a princess, of course, princess' have a heart of gold but that is not what tempts them, what tempts them is that the princess is the 'fairest of all' and the she gets the 'handsome prince'. So how much ever we try to fool ourselves by saying that these fairy tales teach the kids to be good and helpful people, the truth is since childhood we are being taught that the good looking one gets it all. 

Let's forget about fairy tales and think of a more real life situation, being a college student, I see students from every nook and corner , and some of them definitely make it to the good looking category, but not all of these good looking ones make it to the friendly , amicable category , most of them get stuck at the conceited one. And I would not want to date a person or even be friends with one who is not good at heart. But then again, only the good looking ones catch my eye, and if not all, a few of them might just be really nice, and so they are the ones who will get my attention . But what about the ones who did not make it to the good looking category but are amazing people? They will have to work harder to get my attention. So as it is seen the pretty ones always get the advantage. 
We live in an unfair world, how much ever we teach others and convince ourselves that there is no difference between the rich and the poor, or the pretty and the not so gifted, we are just fooling ourselves. I do not wish to say that one should differentiate, but one should not live in the delusion that others don't. I believe we should know where we stand in these differences and work accordingly to get to the top, because however unfair it may be, some people do have an advantage over the others. 
But as I always say, these are the views of one person, and everyone has a mind of their own, so what is your view? Inner beauty or Outer Beauty, which plays a more prominent role in our life?

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